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Negotiations That Take Place in the Sale of a Home


There are over 100 potential items to negotiate in the sale of a home. Some negotiations take place after both parties go under contract. It is important to be an expert in the field of Negotiation. Lisa Karos is a Certified Negotiator and has sold 100’s coastal properties now for over a decade including New Construction development. She works with the Re/Max International Global Exchange Network as well as The Re/Max Collection.

Most people would opt to work with a Certified Negotiations Expert to help protect their investment so they can maximize their bottom line at closing. I am available to help.

  1. Closing date
  2.  Seller paid closing costs
  3.  Appliances/ Personal property
  4.  Repairs…
  5.  Possession Date
  6.  Earnest money (Buyer; Seller?)
  7. Option fees
  8.  Financing:
  9. • Options
    • Conditional loan approval timing
    • Who pays lender title policy
    • Appraisal
    • Who pays closing costs?

  10.  Mineral rights (not always relevant)
  11.  Title company
  12.  Payment of assessments at closing
  13.  Home Warranty
  14. Inspections: property, sewer, well, environmental, Termite
  15. Deadlines/ Extensions
  16. Contract Contingencies
  17. HOA assessment
  18. Transfer fees
  19. Buyer’s agents and how much to pay them
  20. Cost of Marketing and many different vendors
  21. Multiple counter offers
  22. Utilities on for inspection/ Repairs
  23. Most important Price!